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Ammonia reforming

Infrastructure project

The aim of TransHyDE is to answer all the questions that Germany still has to ask itself in order to build a national hydrogen infrastructure, whereby these questions must be answered in a scientifically and technically robust manner so that the foundations are laid for the real execution of the hydrogen turnaround.

One of these questions that still needs to be answered is how to recover pure hydrogen from ammonia. So far, there is no technology for reforming ammonia (NH3) that can be used on a large industrial scale. In the new TransHyDE research network "AmmoRef", the technological foundations are therefore to be researched and developed so that an environmentally friendly, economical and safe solution for future energy supply can be guaranteed. Central to this is the knowledge-based design of highly active catalysts that work stably and cost-effectively without precious metals. In addition, the development of an emission-free process with a sustainable energy supply, a high degree of material and thermal integration and robust reactors with a high specific conversion rate is indispensable in order to create a technological basis.

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Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften e. V., vertreten durch das Max-Planck- Institut für Chemische Energiekonversion


01.04.2021 bis 01.03.2025

Funding amount

6.868.830,00 €

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German Federal Government