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Industrial application

The aim of the Carbon2Chem initiative is to use metallurgical gases from steel production as a feedstock for chemical products - including the CO2 they contain. In the process, surplus electricity from renewable energies is to be used as an energy source.

Since 2016, numerous industrial companies have been working together with the Max Planck and Fraunhofer Societies as well as universities to develop a solution that can be used worldwide to convert waste gases from blast furnaces into precursors for fuels, plastics or fertilisers. The hydrogen required for this is also produced by the companies from green electricity by means of an electrolyser. In the second phase of the project, starting in 2020, the focus will be on other CO2 sources such as cement plants and waste incineration plants.

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Project responsibility

thyssenkrupp AG


15.03.2016 bis 31.05.2024

Funding amount

146.000.000,00 €

Funded by

German Federal Government