Innovation Project


Preparation of a concept study for a synthesis plant (1000 t/d) for the production of synthetic methanol from green hydrogen

Infrastructure project

The overarching goal of WEST COAST100 is to decarbonise the energy system using innovative approaches. The core of this is the construction and operation of a 30 MW electrolysis system for the production, subsequent storage and transport of green hydrogen from renewable energies. In addition to the interconnection of the entire system, the central research objective is the development of viable operating and business models alongside each other and the development of a scaling concept. Open Grid Europe GmbH (OGE) is making a central contribution to this goal with the construction of a hydrogen grid. In the present project, a complete hydrogen infrastructure modelled on the natural gas network is being installed for the first time, and the first use of plastic roll material for hydrogen is being tested under real conditions and tested in operation over several years.

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Project responsibility

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG


01.08.2020 bis 01.07.2025

Funding amount

253.630,00 €

Funded by

German Federal Government