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System analysis on transport solutions for green hydrogen - Analysis of the iron and steel industry

Infrastructure project

The lead project TransHyDE aims to advance hydrogen transport technologies in five accompanying research and four demonstration projects. Transport technologies are to be comprehensively developed further - in a technology-open manner along various possible development paths. More precisely, TransHyDE will test and scale up one transport technology each in four demonstration projects: Hydrogen transport in high-pressure containers, hydrogen-liquid transport, hydrogen transport in existing and new gas pipelines, and transport of hydrogen bound in ammonia.

Five research associations support the TransHyDE projects with scientific findings. This involves materials research, the development of new components and the simulation of plants in continuous operation. The research associations also shed light on overarching questions of accident safety, service life and the ecological impact of the plants. In close cooperation with the TransHyDE projects, the research networks ensure that knowledge is compared and secured. The current state of knowledge and recommendations for action for external stakeholders are to be continuously recorded in a roadmap. The research associations always consider all transport options for hydrogen and develop basic principles and solutions for the regulatory framework.

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VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung


01.04.2021 bis 01.03.2025

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754.819,00 €

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German Federal Government