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Sustainable and innovative fuel cell applications for island energy systems


The energy supply (electricity, heating and cooling) and the water supply of islands - both geographically and in terms of decentrally organised island regions - are part of a modern, sustainable energy policy. The aim of the "SUNIES" project is to develop an integrated energy concept for island applications. With regard to modern energy provision, special fuel cell systems are being considered for this purpose, taking into account sustainability in the generation of electrical energy.

Using the example of Greece with its numerous small islands, some of which are far away from each other, it will be shown how fuel cells can be used as systems for future energy supply. The German-Greek cooperation project SUNIES is investigating how a fuel cell-based energy concept can function in island applications.

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Gas- und Wärme-Institut Essen e. V.


01.03.2018 bis 01.11.2020

Funding amount

116.469,00 €

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German Federal Government