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Hydrogen production

This project is the continuation of the REFHYNE project (see project "REFHYNE"), in which the Shell Rheinland refinery in Wesseling is installing a 10 MW PEM electrolyser that will supply clean refinery hydrogen for Europe. This EU-funded follow-up project, REFHYNE II, will use a 100 MW PEM electrolyser that uses renewable energy to produce green hydrogen as well as oxygen in a cost-effective and timely manner. The project will draw on the experience of the REFHYNE team and build the electrolyser at the same site. REFHYNE II will develop a viable business model for large-scale electrolysis in refineries. There, hydrogen and oxygen streams will be upgraded, Renewable Energy Directive credits will be obtained for the hydrogen produced, and efficiency and capital costs will be improved.

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Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH


01.10.2021 bis 30.09.2026

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32.431.618,00 €

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