Innovation Project

Real laboratory: EnergieparkBL

Demonstration of sector coupling: wind electrolysis for production, storage and transport of green hydrogen

Hydrogen production

As part of the 'Bad Lauchstädt Energy Park' project, the production, transport, storage and economic use of green hydrogen on an industrial scale will be investigated from mid-2021. The project initially envisages the construction of a wind farm with a capacity of approximately 37 megawatts (MW). The renewable electricity generated from this will be converted into hydrogen via a large-scale electrolysis plant of approx. 30 MW. The green hydrogen can be temporarily stored in a specially equipped salt cavern before it is fed into the hydrogen grid of the Central German chemical triangle via a redesigned 20-kilometre-long gas pipeline. This sub-project is about the conceptual design and test operation of a directly coupled large-scale electrolysis.

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Project responsibility

Uniper Hydrogen GmbH


01.09.2021 bis 01.08.2026

Funding amount

1.871.589,00 €

Funded by

German Federal Government