Innovation Project

iNEW 2.0

Incubator Sustainable Electrochemical Value Chains

Hydrogen production

The Innovation Space iNEW focuses on the research, further development and implementation of advanced electrolysis technologies for Power-to-X (P2X) applications. In this way, not only can green hydrogen be produced efficiently, but CO₂ can also be conducted in the cycle. The Rhenish Mining District is thus to become an innovation region with sustainable jobs. The region is thus to become the nucleus for climate-neutral industrial value chains. The project is part of the overarching concept ANABEL, an accelerator for the sustainable provision of electrochemically produced fuels and recyclables.

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Project responsibility

Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH - Institut für Energie- und Klimaforschung (IEK) - Grundlagen der Elektrochemie (IEK-9)


01.07.2021 bis 30.06.2024

Funding amount

24.000.000,00 €

Funded by

German Federal Government