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The first step on the way to steel takes place in the blast furnace. There, oxygen is removed from the iron ore, traditionally with the help of carbon. Among other things, the carbon is blown into the furnace in the form of pulverised coal. The result: CO2 is produced. With the H2BF project, thyssenkrupp Steel is researching new ways to reduce these CO2 emissions together with the VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut (BFI) in Duisburg. Instead of coal dust, hydrogen is partially injected into one of the blast furnaces. The hydrogen also extracts oxygen from the iron ore - but instead of CO2, water is produced.

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VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH


01.01.2022 bis 31.12.2025

Funding amount

4.012.999,14 €

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State of NRW