Innovation Project

H2 in the brick industry

Energy efficiency and emission reduction - use of hydrogen in the brick industry

Industrial application

The use of hydrogen or its admixture, if possible without costly new installation of complete kiln plants, has not yet been introduced in the brick industry. Knowledge about the flow within such burners, which allow both fuel gases to be used alternatively or in different mixing ratios, is hardly available at present. The effects of this technology on the production conditions, influences on the firing process and the resulting changes in the energy balance of the overall system of dryer and kiln must be specified. They must be taken into account before a technical introduction and enable the industry to take a necessary step towards climate neutrality.

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Institut für Ziegelforschung Essen e. V.


01.07.2021 bis 01.07.2024

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526.815,91 €

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State of NRW