Innovation Project


Concept study for the preparation of a demonstration plant for the production of climate-friendly synthetic fuels in NRW

Hydrogen production

Together with the partners BP Europa SE, RWE Power and RWE Renewables, the basic feasibility of a demonstration plant in the Rhenish mining area for the production of regenerative synthetic raw fuels based on sewage sludge (and possibly other biomass) and regenerative H2, as well as their further processing and use in the Ruhr region, is being investigated. The approach aims to demonstrate the exploitation and utilisation of biogenic CO2 for the production of climate-neutral fuels, using the biomass sewage sludge. The potential of the demonstrated technology is to be explored as a blueprint for intelligently applied sector coupling beyond the borders of North Rhine-Westphalia and to strengthen the Ruhr regions.

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RWE Power AG


01.06.2021 bis 01.01.2022

Funding amount

37.408,30 €

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State of NRW