Innovation Project

4FH2Max (laboratory tests sub-project)

Optimisation of an existing combustion system for safe operation with hydrogen content >50%.

Industrial application

In the case of stationary gas turbines, the transition to CO2-free energy generation can take place in steps. In this process, the fuel composition is gradually shifted from pure natural gas towards hydrogen. The burners in stationary gas turbines, as particularly low-pollutant premix burners, are strongly optimised for the combustion properties of natural gas. Since the combustion properties of hydrogen and natural gas differ greatly, the addition of hydrogen to the fuel places high demands on the fuel flexibility of the premix burners. In particular, the position of the heat release zone relative to the burner outlet will change with increasing hydrogen content. This influence is to be characterised on a scaled, but nevertheless application-oriented burner, under realistic operating conditions using laser-optical measurement methods.

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Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. - Institut für Antriebstechnik


01.10.2022 bis 30.09.2026

Funding amount

973.719,74 €

Funded by

German Federal Government